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Safety training

Our creative approach to teaching

We focus on people. Less theory, more practice

Poorly conducted health and safety training contributes to a high number of accidents at work and occupational diseases. It is also associated with higher costs. This is confirmed by statistics (the data from PIP).

Every year, about 5 billion PLN is spent on paying benefits to victims of work accidents and people suffering from occupational diseases. In the past year:

  • 87,183 people suffered minor accidents at work (of which 2,486 were in Lubusz Province only),
  • 464 workers were seriously injured,
  • 239 suffered fatal accidents.

Human error is considered one of the leading causes of accidents.

szkolenia BHP

Article 94 (4) of the Labor Code says that it is the employer's duty to systematically train employees in occupational health and safety.

Similarly, according to Article 237, employers must not allow the employee to perform tasks for which they don't have qualifications, necessary skills, or sufficient familiarity with the principles of occupational health and safety.

Each employer should provide his subordinates with initial training, followed by periodic health and safety training in subsequent years.

By training your staff - you save time and money.

Only well-trained staff, aware of their health and safety responsibilities, are able to react properly in the event of dangers related to work at a given position. Therefore, whenever we organize OHS, fire prevention or pre-medical aid courses, we place great emphasis on skill development. After our training, an employee knows exactly how to behave in the event of a breakdown or a threat. They know the basics of first aid. Employees are aware that safety in the workplace also depends on them.

The advantage of our offer is that we develop health and safety training, taking into account the specificity of the company's activity and its industry.

During classes, we suggest solutions that can contribute to improving occupational health and safety in the company.

Good employee training and sensitization to compliance with health and safety rules in a company always pay off. Practical training, based on exercises and case studies, makes this possible. We offer a full range of training in the field of occupational safety required by legislators. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Only employees who are well aware of and motivated to comply with safety rules don’t cause accidents.

Examples of training conducted by our lecturers for people managing employees using Edward De Bono's six-hat method

szkolenie grupy robotniczej
metoda kolorowych kapeluszy
profesjonalne szkolenie z bezpieczeństwa i higieny pracy
szkolenie okresowe dla grupy robotniczej
szkolenie okresowe w budimex
szkolenie adm
szkolenie okresowe bhp

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