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First aid training - Nowa Sól, Świebodzin and the surrounding area.

Each of us can be a participant or a witness to a tragic event. Accidents happen unexpectedly and in a variety of circumstances - at home, on the road or in the workplace. Calling emergency services and passively waiting for professional help can end badly for the victim. Completion of the pre-medical first aid training will guarantee the knowledge and skills with which you can save a human life before an ambulance arrives.

First aid skills are important for everyone.

First aid does not require medical education or the use of specialized means or equipment. Its essence is to protect the victim and keep them alive until the arrival of qualified medical personnel. Providing first aid is a legal duty for each of us.

Article 162 of the Penal Code sets the penalties for a person who does not offer first aid. "Those who do not offer first aid to a victim who is in a situation where their life, health, or safety is in danger are liable to up to 3 years in prison, unless offering first aid endangers the life, health, or safety of bystanders."


Why it is worth it to know the basics of providing first aid

There are many non-legal arguments that should encourage us to provide assistance to those who are injured. Statistical data perfectly illustrates how important it is to know at least some of the basic principles of first aid.

If cardiopulmonary resuscitation is started within the first 2 minutes after cardiac arrest, the chances of survival are as high as 60 percent.

If we do nothing in a situation where a victim has suffered a cardiac arrest (SCA), then with every minute, their chance of survival decreases by 13 percent. Realistically, an ambulance with trained medical personnel will reach the scene within several minutes. Taking life support measures gives the victim a real chance to survive.

You can raise the chances of survival for victims by undergoing professional first aid training, during which you will learn what to do if a person next to you faints, suffers from epilepsy, or has a heart attack. During our course, you will practice training, and you will find out that providing first aid is not difficult. We also organize fire prevention and safety training with elements of first aid, as well as special courses in this field for teachers and caretakers of small children.

What you will learn during the first aid course

A witness to an accident or an event that caused damage to the health of another person is in an extremely stressful situation. Knowing the steps to take will allow you to control your nerves and provide effective help. During our course, we provide knowledge on how to assess the situation, check vital functions, determine whether and how to open the airways, and safely position the victim. Thanks to us, you will learn to recognize when resuscitation measures should be taken and how to properly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. We also teach how a person providing assistance should behave in order not to put themselves at risk and what information should be provided to the ambulance dispatcher when reporting an incident.

This knowledge is useful to everyone, but it is especially vital for people who on a daily basis are in accident-prone environments while performing their professional duties.

Below are photos taken during training conducted by our rescuers.

Szkolenie z ratownikiem medycznym
Szkolenie z pierwszej pomocy przedmedycznej
Pozycja boczna ustalona
Pozycja bezpieczna
Masaż serca
ułożenie w pozycji bocznej ustalonej
pokaz jak ułożyć w pozycji bocznej ustalonej
pierwsza pomoc z ratownikiem medycznym
masaż serca podczas pierwszej pomocy
RKO w dwie osoby
szkolenie z pierwszej pomocy

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