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First aid training for companies

Pre-medical first aid training for companies is dedicated to people responsible for handling first aid kits and those selected to provide first aid in the workplace.

According to Art. 2091 of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to appoint employees for these types of tasks.

Article 44, par. 3, of the Regulation on general provisions in the field of occupational health and safety, states that the employer should entrust the operation of first aid stations and first aid kits on each shift to designated employees after completing pre-medical first aid training.

Simply assigning an employee to this task is not enough. A responsible person, in addition to knowledge, must have the appropriate skills. They can only be developed under the guidance of experienced specialists.

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Our team consists of professional paramedics, instructors, and specialists in emergency medicine. Pre-medical first aid training, as well as firefighting training with elements of first aid, are conducted in the form of exercises with the use of modern equipment (including an adult training dummy with the ability to monitor ongoing activities or an AED, - automatic external defibrillator).

After completing pre-medical first aid training, the trainees will be able to properly control vital signs, call for help, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In the program of the 8-hour course, participants will also learn what to do when they need to help a person with epilepsy, a heart attack, or someone who has suffered an accident at work (e.g., cuts, broken bones, or electric shock).

We will adjust the time and form of classes to fit your business profile.

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