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Service for companies in the field of health and safety

OHS outsourcing - permanent service

Statistics show that in 2016 alone, the National Labor Inspectorate carried out around 80,000 inspections in workplaces across the country. No less active are the inspectors from the State Sanitary Inspectorate (SANEPID). The purpose of their activities is to verify how employers fulfill their obligations to protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace imposed on them by legislators. To cope with these requirements, it is recommended that employers rely on health and safety specialists to ensure the proper establishment of so-called health and safety services in the workplace.

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This obligation results from the Labor Code, in particular from art. 237 together with the executive regulation, which is the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September 2, 1997, on the occupational health and safety service (Journal of Laws No. 109, item 704, as amended).

Anyone who has at least once undergone an inspection from the National Labor Inspectorate or Sanitary Inspectorate feels that these visits are often burdensome for employers. Hence, our offer includes services for companies in the field of health and safety, i.e., assistance in solving the most important problems on the basis of outsourcing. For years, we have been helping employers during inspections carried out in this form.

Outsourcing is, in short, entrusting the tasks of the OHS service to specialists from outside the workplace. This solution is compliant with the requirements of the Labor Code and the Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the health and safety service.

Benefits of outsourcing - how does it work?

In practice, we take over your duties within the agreed scope of health and safety, and you gain peace of mind and time to develop your business.

The scope of services includes activities resulting from the regulations (Journal of Laws No. 109, item 704, as amended), among others:

  • advice on applicable health and safety regulations and rules,
  • periodic health and safety inspections,
  • assistance and the preparation of responses to orders, bans, and statements of inspectors of the National Labor Inspectorate, Sanitary Inspectorate, or UDT,
  • full scope of OHS training (initial and periodic training),
  • conducting post-accident proceedings,
  • developing occupational risk assessments and job instructions,
  • participation in committees upon acceptance of the plant's facilities under construction or remodeling,
  • as well as other activities related to the professional performance of the tasks of the OHS service in the company.

Occupational health and safety services for companies may also include additional activities such as training to properly use equipment (lift trucks, cranes, and platforms), first aid training, and similar services.

Depending on your needs, we perform the above-mentioned tasks on the basis of outsourcing based on a permanent contract or a one-time order.

The price of services depends on the number of employees and the scope of services provided.

Contact us. Together, we will find a solution that will be most beneficial for you.

Don't risk it - be well prepared for an inspection!


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