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Evacuation drills

Legal basis:

The obligation to carry out a trial evacuation of the facility has been in place since 2003. Regulations require owners and managers to periodically check the organization and evacuation conditions for the entire facility. They also impose an obligation to carry out fire safety mock drills.

Since 2010, such drills must be carried out:

  • every 2 years, in facilities intended for more than 50 people who are its regular users and have not been classified into the ZL IV human category
  • once a year in facilities where a cyclically changing group of over 50 people is present at the same time. This mostly applies to schools, kindergartens, dormitories, and student dormitories.

Szkolenie i ewakuacja ppoż

Please note! These drills should be carried out by new owners within no more than 3 months from the start of using a facility.

Why are evacuation drills so important?

  • Evacuation drills allow the administrator (owner) of the facility to solve problems that may arise during a fire or other emergency in advance.
  • These drills prepare building users for proper, independent evacuation, conducted before the arrival of the fire brigade.

If you do not know the location of the emergency assembly area in your company, where the main electricity or gas shutoff switch/valve is located, or what rules will enable efficient evacuation, this training is just for you! Don't wait for an emergency. Expect the unexpected. The lives of others depend on it!

To make these drills more realistic, we combine them with training for the evacuation of injured people. We conduct exercises with the participation of the fire brigade! We also invite you to our first aid training.

Who are these drills intended for?

Evacuation exercises complement fire safety training and are intended for owners, administrators, and managers of facilities! These people are primarily responsible for evacuation.

However, the main participants of these exercises are all the users of the facility. These people need to know how the evacuation works in practice and explore the related safety rules.

Evacuation exercises also include our service for companies in the field of fire prevention. After their completion, we submit a report to a representative of the company and suggest solutions that may contribute to improving safety in the area of fire prevention.

If you don't practice, the consequences can be very serious!

Don't wait for life to surprise you! Be professional, be prepared!

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