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How to implement an occupational health and safety management system

Compliance with strict health and safety rules is easier if a management system is properly implemented in your company. However, such implementation is not easy, and in order to be able to carry it out, a number of steps must be taken. Here are those which are most important?

Employee involvement

OHS solutions are primarily intended to serve employees and protect their health and lives. Therefore, they should take an active part in planning the overall health and safety system so as to obtain high satisfaction from its implementation. Leadership also plays a significant role in this process. It must be made clear how important this is and that this subject is taken seriously.

Implementation planning

In order to implement OHS correctly, the process must be planned out. It is primarily about indicating when certain activities will be performed, who will supervise them, and how the individual stages will be verified. Due to the complexity of this process, it is worth entrusting experts to control it. In this case, OHS outsourcing works well, as it guarantees that no key step for the efficiency of the system will be left out.


After planning specific actions, you can proceed with implementing them. From the very beginning, however, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the implemented OHS management solutions actually work and fulfill their role. If deviations are observed, it becomes necessary to correct particular actions.

Monitoring and controlling the system

However, the health and safety management system should not be taken for granted. It is necessary to check it periodically to see whether it still meets the criteria set at the very beginning and whether it is necessary to improve some solutions.

The implementation of health and safety management requires a meticulous and thorough approach. If you need professional expertise in this area, we encourage you to contact us directly.

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