Category 2D lifts

Training to operate a category 2D lift is conducted by a team of our experienced lecturers and instructors with extensive theoretical knowledge supported by many years of practical experience. During training, we pay attention to the most important aspects in the field of equipment construction and the safe operation of handling equipment.


The course for category 2 D lift operators consists of theoretical and practical classes. After completing the course, each participant receives a certificate of completion of the training in the safe operation of category 2 D lifts. Such a certificate does not authorize you to work as a crane operator, it only allows you to take the state exam conducted by UDT.

Dźwig IID


Training to operate a category 2D lift can be started by any person who:

  • is 18 years old,
  • has a medical certificate allowing the operation of handling equipment.

Place of training:

We run theoretical and practical classes in Zielona Góra. There is also the possibility of conducting hands-on training on equipment at your location.


After completing the course, candidates for operators take an exam before a commission appointed by the director of the Office of Technical Inspection. We will take care of all the formalities related to the exam. The price of the UDT exam is 152 PLN, and it also includes the issuance of an operator's license. After passing the state exam, participants will receive operator badges issued by the Office of Technical Inspection!

Remember! Only state licenses issued by the Office of Technical Inspection entitle you to operate handling equipment.