Commercial electrical testing

When should electrical tests be carried out?

Electrical tests should always be carried out when:

  • It was imposed by regulations (e.g., those referred to by the insurer),
  • It is recommended by the instructions on your equipment (e.g., for lifting equipment, electrical tests are required every 2 years),
  • If the device or installation is not working properly,
  • changes are made to the installation, or a new one is installed.

pomiar elektryczny

How often should electrical tests be taken?

Electrical testing in accordance with regulations should be carried out periodically. The testing periods depend on the nature of the power equipment and the environmental conditions in which it is operated. The test dates should be specified in the workplace operation manual, based on applicable legal acts and in accordance with the principles of technical knowledge, taking into account the impact of environmental conditions. Electrical tests may only be performed by qualified people who have previously completed one of the forms of training for electrical qualifications and have an appropriate license.

The frequency of electrical tests is specified in the provisions of Construction Law (Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 89, item 414, as amended), the Energy Law (Act of 10.04.1997, 1997, No. 54, item 348, and No. 158, item 1042, as amended), and fire prevention regulations (PN-92/E-05009/41 Electrical installations in buildings and fire prevention systems (Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of April 21, 2006, Journal of Laws of 2006, No. 80, item 563).

It was determined that electrical tests are carried out depending on the conditions in which power installations and devices are operated, but not less frequently than once a year.

It is as follows:

Type of room Period between successive tests
Testing the effectiveness of fire prevention insulation resistance test
Corrosive fumes every year every year
Explosion risk every year every year
Open area every year every 5 years
High humidity (75–100%) every year every 5 years
High temperatures (above 35 degrees C) every year every 5 years
At risk of fire every 5 years every year
Hazardous to humans
every 5 years every year
High dust and pollen content every 5 years every 5 years
Other factors not mentioned every 5 years every 5 years

The required inspection periods for lightning protection systems are:

1. For restricted protection facilities (facilities at risk of fire or explosion): Once a year
2. For other facilities: every five years

*Buildings and rooms are categorized according to their function into the following hazard categories:

ZL I - public utility buildings that can be occupied by more than 50 people
ZL II - buildings or their parts intended for use by people with limited mobility
ZL III - schools, office buildings, student dormitories, boarding school residential houses, hotels, health centers, medical clinics, sanatoriums, and commercial buildings where up to 50 people can stay.


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