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What should you know about the rigger course?

The rigger course can be completed by people over 18 years of age and employees who are responsible for operating lifting equipment in the workplace. During the course, you can acquire knowledge about the techniques of proper suspension and movement of cargo. To obtain a rigger license, you must pass an exam before the UDT qualification commission. After obtaining a positive result on the exam, the trainees receive a professional certificate.

What parts does the rigger course consist of?

Each rigger course consists of a practical and a theoretical part. During the course, we will discuss the following:

  • Principles of operation, maintenance, and operation of basic lifting devices
  • Types of hooks and slings and proper methods of their use
  • Applicable provisions of technical supervision
  • Health and safety rules for the internal transport of goods
  • Duties at the rigger position

During practical classes, students perform various tasks assigned to them by instructors, which are performed by crane operators on a daily basis. The practical part usually takes from 5 to 10 hours.

What does a rigger license give you?

Riggers are employed in many different places, not only in warehouses. They are sought-after specialists, for example, in the construction and manufacturing industries. A rigger course is one way to improve your professional qualifications and acquire new skills. A rigger can operate overhead cranes, hoists, winches, mobile, tower, and pole cranes, and other lifting devices.

A person employed as a rigger must know how to install a hook and hang cargo on it. The safety of other employees and the proper course of action depends on the skills of the rigger. Short on-the-job training is not enough, so it is required to complete the appropriate course and pass the exam.

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