How much do UDT courses cost?

There is no such technical device that is not subject to inspection. Individual solutions must be controlled in order to prevent failures that could have a destructive impact on many areas. Therefore, it is not enough to have a person who will manufacture new devices and maintain old ones. There must be someone else who will take care of the technical inspection. In order to develop the skills needed to perform such a task, the so-called UDT courses were created.

As a result of your participation in the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) course, you can gain the right to inspect particular machines. What requirements must be met to participate in this type of training? There is no denying that, as in many other cases related to the acquisition of certain skills, you have to spend a certain amount of money. How much, exactly? It depends on the kind of machine you are actually doing the course on. It is clear that the operation of one machine is not the same as the operation of another one.

Equipment and price

The price of a course depends on what UDT equipment you wish to operate. Well, the cheapest course is a stacker truck operator course. The prices of such practical classes start at PLN 200. The crane course is the most expensive. Starting at about 500 PLN, in some cases, the cost of such classes can reach over 1,000 PLN.

When it comes to training for other technical devices, they are quite similar. They are in the range of 350–750 PLN. These prices include, among others:

  • winches
  • hoists
  • general purpose cranes
  • stacker cranes
  • stationary workshop cranes
  • mobile elevating work platforms

As you can see, UDT courses are not so specialized as to cover devices from specific manufacturers. They are rather general in nature; they apply to the entire class of equipment, not to specific models. Who knows, maybe your life will be changed by signing up for a course on technical supervision? See for yourself.