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What licenses must an operator of hoisting and material handling equipment have?

Operation of hoisting and material handling equipment, including overhead traveling cranes, mobile cranes, construction cranes, mobile elevating work platforms, and forklifts, requires passing an examination by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). In order to acquire the appropriate knowledge, it is advisable to undergo professional training conducted by practitioners. Training for UDT licenses allows you to gain knowledge and skills in the safe operation of a given device. These elements are assessed during the UDT exam. AVIS prepares students for such an exam. During the training, we put great emphasis on the issue of safety, and combine theory with practice. As a result, we achieve a pass rate of over 95% and very high participant satisfaction.

Types of handling equipment

UTB devices allow you to move cargo over short distances. Their type depends on the purpose and space in which they are used. And so, UTBs are used in warehouses, production plants, and construction sites, i.e., in places where the transported loads are so heavy that it is required to use auxiliary devices such as: construction cranes, gantries, winches, cranes, mobile platforms, pallet trucks, or forklifts.

licenses to operate UBT

Operation of hoisting and material handling equipment (UBT) in accordance with applicable law requires operators to have licenses confirmed by UDT exams. Training gives the opportunity to become familiar with the operation of machines that are subject to technical supervision. During theoretical classes, participants become acquainted with issues in the fields of mechanics, electromechanics, and occupational health and safety. Operating such devices as an overhead crane or mobile platforms poses risks of accidents, both for the employee and third parties. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire qualifications and full knowledge in the field of operation and maintenance of UBT devices, which will reduce the risk of health and life hazards. The course ends with an exam entitling you to operate hoisting and material handling equipment.

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